<cfquery>          <cfqueryparam value = "parameter value"                  CFSQLType = "parameter type"                  maxLength = "maximum parameter length"                  scale = "number of decimal places"                  null = "Yes" or "No"                  list = "Yes" or "No"                  separator = "separator character">          AND/OR ...additional criteria of the WHERE clause...  </cfquery> 


Checks the data type of a query parameter. This tag is nested within a CFQUERY tag and embedded in a query SQL statement. If you specify optional parameters, this tag performs data validation.


value (Required)

Value that ColdFusion passes to the right of the comparison operator in a WHERE clause if CFSQLType is a date or time option.

maxLength (Optional)

Length of string in value attribute. Maximum length of parameter.

scale (Optional)

Default: 0. Number of decimal places in parameter. Applies to CF_SQL_NUMERIC and CF_SQL_DECIMAL.

null (Optional)

Default: No

  • Ño. Whether parameter is passed as a null value.

  • Yes. Tag ignores the value attribute.

list (Optional)

Default: No. If Yes, the value attribute value is a delimited list.

separator (Required if value = "list")

Character that separates values in list in the value attribute.

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