<cfprocparam type = "in" or "out" or "inout"          variable = "variable name"          dbVarName = "DB variable name"          value = "parameter value"          CFSQLType = "parameter datatype"          maxLength = "length"          scale = "decimal places"          null = "Yes" or "No"> 


Used within the CFSTOREDPROC tag; use this tag to specify variables and parameters for passing information to the stored procedure.


type (Optional)

Default: in

  • in. Passes the parameter by value.

  • out. Passes parameter as bound variable.

  • inout. Passes parameter as a bound variable.


A ColdFusion variable name. This is the variable that stores the output and that you can reference after the stored procedure is called.

dbVarName (Required for named notation)

Parameter name that corresponds to the name of the parameter in the stored procedure.

value (Required if type = "out/inout")

Value that corresponds to the value that ColdFusion passes to the stored procedure.

CFSQLType (Required)

SQL type to which the parameter is bound.

maxLength (Optional)

Default: 0. Maximum length of the parameter.

scale (Optional)

Default: 0. Number of decimal places in the parameter.

null (Optional)

Default: No. Whether the parameter is passed as a null value. If Yes, tag ignores the value attribute.

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