<cfgridcolumn name = "column_name"          header = "header"          width = "column_width"          font = "column_font"          fontSize = "size"          italic = "Yes" or "No"          bold = "Yes" or "No"          textColor = "web color" or "expression"          bgColor = "web color" or "expression"          href="URL"          hrefKey = "column_name"          target = "URL_target"          select = "Yes" or "No"          display = "Yes" or "No"          type = "type"          headerFont = "font_name"          headerFontSize = "size"          headerItalic = "Yes" or "No"          headerBold = "Yes" or "No"          headerTextColor = "web color"          dataAlign = "position"          headerAlign = "position"          numberFormat = "format"          values = "Comma separated strings and/or numeric range"          valuesDisplay = "Comma separated strings and/or numeric range"          valuesDelimiter = "delimiter character"> 


Use this tag to specify column data in a CFGRID. Font and alignment settings created in the CFGRID are overridden by this tag.


name (Required)

Name of the grid column element. If the grid uses a query, then the column name must use the name of a query column.

header (Optional)

Default: Yes. Column header text.

Works only if the CFGRID colHeaders = "Yes".

width (Optional)

Column header width.

font (Optional)

Font of data in the column.

fontSize (Optional)

Size of text in the column.

italic (Optional)

Yes: Displays text in italics.

bold (Optional)

Yes: Displays text in bold.

textColor (Optional)

Color of text in the column or an expression to manipulate color.

bgColor (Optional)

Background color of the column or an expression to manipulate color.

href (Optional)

Relative or absolute URL to associate with a grid item.

hrefKey (Optional)

If grid uses a query, this sets the name of a query column as a key.

target (Optional)

The name of a fame to open the associated a URL.

select (Optional)

Yes: User can select the column in the grid.

No: User cannot edit the column regardless of CFGRID insert and delete values. If CFGRID selectMode = "Row" or "Browse", this attribute is ignored.

display (Optional)

Default: Yes. If No, hides column.

type (Optional)

  • image. Grid displays image that corresponds to the value in the column. If the image is larger than the width of the column, it is cropped. Built-in image names are as follows CD, computer, document, element, folder, floppy, fixed, and remote.

  • numeric. User can sort grid data numerically.

  • boolean. Column displays as a check box.

  • string_noCase. User can sort grid data as non-case-insensitive text.

headerFont (Optional)

Column header font.

headerFontSize (Optional)

Column header text size.

headerItalic (Optional)

Yes displays column header in italics.

headerBold (Optional)

Yes displays column header in bold.

headerTextColor (Optional)

Color of column header text. Can be a hex value or a web color.

dataAlign (Optional)

Column data alignment: Left, Right, or Center.

headerAlign (Optional)

Column header text alignment: Left, Right, or Center.

numberFormat (Optional)

Format for displaying numeric data in grid.

values (Optional)

Formats the cells in the column as a drop-down list. Example of syntax

used is values = "grape, apple, orange, 1-10".

valuesDisplay (Optional)

Maps elements in the values attribute to display in the drop-down list.

valuesDelimiter (Optional)

Default: , (comma), which is the delimiter for the values and valuesDisplay attributes.

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