<cfcookie          name = "cookie_name"          value = "text"          expires = "period"          secure = "Yes" or "No"          path = "url"          domain = ".domain"> 


Defines web browser cookie variables, including expiration and security options.


name (Required)

Name of cookie.

value (Optional)

Value assigned to cookie.

expires (Optional)

Handles the expiration of the cookie. Can be a date (for example, 12/20/02) or a number of days (for example, 10 or 100).

  • now. Deletes cookie from client cookie.txt file.

  • never. Never deletes cookie from client; writes cookie data to cookie.txt file.

secure (Optional)

The cookie will not be sent if the browser does not support Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). If Yes, variable must be transmitted securely.

path (Optional)

URL to which the cookie applies, or use multiple CFCOOKIE tags to have multiple URLS.

domain (Required)

This attribute is required in conjunction with the path attribute. The domain must start with a period and can be subdomains if desired.

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