spring into Windows XP Service Pack 2

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spring into Windows XP Service Pack 2
By Brian Culp
Publisher: Addison Wesley Professional
Pub Date: May 03, 2005
ISBN: 0-13-167983-X
Pages: 384

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The fastest route to Windows XP SP2 mastery

Are you a professional who's new to Windows XP and Service Pack 2? Or maybe you've been running Windows XP for years, and you've just upgraded to SP2? Either way, you want to run the latest version of Windows as efficiently and reliably as possible. You want to master Windows XP's latest security and networking featuresand avoid its traps. And you don't have a minute to waste.

This book's for you. It'll take you further, faster than you ever expected. You won't wade through endless beginner's material or useless theory. You will master today's best techniques: just what you need to run Windows XP SP2 as effectively as possible.

Need specific solutions? This book's modular, "bite-sized" instructions, focused examples, and visual format deliver theminstantly.

  • All you need to run Windows XP SP2 with maximum efficiency and reliability

  • Upgrade to Windows XP SP2 without risking your data

  • Protect your PC and network using SP2's improved Windows Firewall

  • Create and secure a wireless networkin just minutes

  • Manage your disks and files more efficiently

  • Customize your Windows interface for better productivity

  • Discover dozens of high-efficiency shortcuts and Command Prompt techniques

  • Learn powerful tips with Internet Explorer

  • Get enhanced protection in Outlook Express

  • Back up your data and settingsand restore them safely

  • Integrate Windows XP and Macintosh computers and share their resources

  • Fix dozens of common Windows problems, fast!

No other Windows XP SP2 guide teaches professionals this much, this well, this quickly. Dig in, get started, get results!

Spring into is a new series of fast-paced tutorials from Addison-Wesley. Each book in the series is designed to bring you up to speed quickly. Complex topics and technologies are reduced to their core components, and each component is treated with remarkable efficiency in one- or two-page spreads. Just the information you need to begin working...now! And because the books are example-rich and easy to navigate, you'll find that they make great on-the-job references after you've mastered the basics.

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Spring Into Windows XP Service Pack 2
Spring Into Windows XP Service Pack 2
ISBN: 013167983X
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Year: 2004
Pages: 275
Authors: Brian Culp

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