Conventions Used in This Book

Throughout the chapters of this book, you will find sidebars—brief boxed discussions that call your attention to related topics. “Mastering the Opportunities” sidebars describe techniques for applying Project 2002 in a specific setting. “Mastering Troubleshooting” sidebars focus on common mistakes or problems that users encounter, and suggest strategies to get around those problems. You’ll also find Tips, Notes, and Warnings scattered throughout the book to highlight additional information you’ll find useful.

 Pro  Although this book is based on Microsoft Project 2002 Professional Edition, most of the techniques discussed can also be applied with Project 2002 Standard Edition. Features that are exclusive to the Professional Edition (in conjunction with Project 2002 Server) are identified by the icon you see in the margin next to this paragraph.

 Server  Features exclusive to Project 2002 Server, such as the new Project Web Access, are identified by the icon you see here in the margin.

We also used a few typographic variations that you’ve probably seen in other computer books:

  • Boldface type shows any text you would type into Office dialog boxes.

  • Italicized type is used for new terms, placeholders, and emphasis.

  • This special font represents programming instructions, URLs, Excel formulas, HTML or Visual Basic code, directories, path names, and filenames.

Mastering Microsoft Project 2002
Mastering Microsoft Project 2002
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