Mastering Microsoft Project 2002

Gini Courter
Annette Marquis
Michael Miller

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To Charlotte, who continues to stick by us through it all. You are the best!


This book about project management also served double-duty as a case study in project management. Some tasks went as planned and some went completely awry. Every project provides “opportunities for learning” if you’re open to the experience. During the course of creating this book, we learned and relearned lessons about scheduling and resource allocation that come only when you are managing a real live project. We can’t say enough about the team we had to work with to pull off this ambitious enterprise. It took the entire project team”the incredible group at Sybex and the skilled employees at our company, TRIAD Consulting”to steer this project to a successful conclusion.

We’d like to start out by acknowledging some important individuals who worked on previous editions of this book: Sharon Roberts, Karla Browning, James Howe, Angie Okonski, Lauren Works, and Acey James Bunch.

And now for this Microsoft Project 2002 edition, thanks to the following people for their valuable contributions. In Sybex’s Publishing division: publisher Jordan Gold and associate publisher Joel Fugazzotto; acquisitions editor Chris Denny, and development editor Carol Henry. Technical editor Acey James Bunch again kept a sharp eye on things. In Sybex’s Production Editorial group: production editor Leslie Light, and copy editor Susan Hobbs. We appreciate the incredibly fast turnaround and the hard work by all involved.

Mastering Microsoft Project 2002
Mastering Microsoft Project 2002
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