List of Figures

Chapter 1: Web Services Specifications and Interoperability

Figure 1-1: Web service standards architecture
Figure 1-2: Layout of fields in a DIME record

Chapter 2: Programming Web Services Enhancements

Figure 2-1: Windows DNA
Figure 2-2: .NET Web services architecture
Figure 2-3: Microsoft .NET architecture
Figure 2-4: The Add Web Reference dialog box
Figure 2-5: Handing a SOAP request using WSE
Figure 2-6: Creating a SOAP response using WSE
Figure 2-7: WSE Settings tool

Chapter 3: WS-Attachments and DIME

Figure 3-1: The structure of a SOAP message with attachments
Figure 3-2: Processing an incoming DIME message
Figure 3-3: Processing an outbound DIME message

Chapter 4: Reliable Messaging for Web Services

Figure 4-1: WSE routing and referral settings
Figure 4-2: WSE routing handler input

Chapter 5: Web Service Security

Figure 5-1: Using public and private keys to secure communication
Figure 5-2: Kerberos KDC distributing tickets to enable service access.
Figure 5-3: Security settings tab in the WSE Settings Tool
Figure 5-4: SecurityToken Manager dialog box

Chapter 6: Defining Policies for Web Services

Figure 6-1: WSE Settings Tool policy settings
Figure 6-2: Add/Edit Policy screen

Chapter 7: Coordinating Transactions in Web Services

Figure 7-1: Representation of a distributed transaction
Figure 7-2: Coordination context with multiple coordination services
Figure 7-3: Example of a coordinated transaction

Chapter 8: Implementing Secure Messaging for Web Services

Figure 8-1: WSE Settings tool

Chapter 9: Future of Web Services, Specifications, and WSE

Figure 9-1: Proposed future Web services architecture

Understanding Web Services Specifications and the WSE
Understanding Web Services Specifications and the WSE (Pro Developer)
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