Acquisition of the Support of the Resource Managers


Integrated Project Management
By Earl Hall, Juliane Johnson
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Chapter 6.  Creating The Project Gantt Chart

Once the Gantt chart has been created, the project manager takes a day to print copies of it and auxiliary reports showing each of the workers' project commitments. He or she then distributes them to every person working on the project.

The auxiliary report is an individual's schedule worksheet. It sequentially lists the tasks for which that person is responsible, the calendar period during which he or she anticipates doing the work, and their expected effort in days or half days (sometimes weeks), as shown in Figure 6-6.

Figure 6-6.


Armed with this Gantt chart and the auxiliary reports, the project manager and the team take two days to visit the team's various resource managers. (Resource managers are the persons that the team members report to on a permanent basis.) This visit is done to ensure that each resource manager is fully informed of and concurs with the time his or her worker(s) will spend on the project.

It is critical that this visit is not the first time that the resource manager has heard of the project. In order to create a favorable climate, a project manager must communicate with the resource managers early on. Communicating early and often (especially face-to-face) with those whose support is needed, is a basic responsibility of a project manager.

An individual's schedule worksheet is easily derived from the Gantt chart. This form may look like the form shown in Figure 6-6.


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