Resource Negotiations: A Communication Scenario


Integrated Project Management
By Earl Hall, Juliane Johnson
Table of Contents
Chapter 6.  Creating The Project Gantt Chart

A project manager (P) and/or appropriate task leader(s) meet with a resource manager (R). They negotiate the availability of skilled persons who are managed by R and are necessary in the execution of Project X.

Step 1.

P familiarizes R with Project X and with P's perception of its significance and priority with in the company.

Step 2.

P seeks to understand the various activities/commitments of R's staff during the life of Project X.

Step 3.

P shares with R the project Gantt chart (with persons from R's group who are participating) and identifies the ideal time commitment, both duration and effort, for persons on R's staff.

Step 4.

P and R discuss the necessary tradeoffs that will enable R's people to commit by date and effort level. P shares with R the risk/contingency considerations that could shift the commitment date. P and R finally reach agreement on the commitment of R's staff.

After the project manager and task leaders have checked with the resource managers on task participant availability, they may need to reconvene the project team to revise the Gantt chart to take into consideration some member availability delays. The project manager then may reasonably decide to not complete these adjustments until the risk analysis has been completed and the Gantt chart including the risk factors has been developed.


    Integrated Project Management
    Integrated Project Management
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