I didn't learn English by reading the dictionary, or by stopping after I had read the "See Dick Run" primers. In the same way, I don't learn a new computer language by merely sitting down with the reference materials or any available tutorials. To really know a computer language, and be fluent in its usage, I have to get to the next level of proficiency. This requires learning how people use it when they're using it in the best and most efficient way.

Effective Perl Programming represents a good solid cross-section of the best and most efficient ways to use the wildly popular Perl language, captured and organized in readily digestible pieces. This book nicely complements my two best-selling Perl booksthe authoritative reference manual and the highly acclaimed tutorial guideby filling in this "next level" of information. You will find that the material here is easy to read and neatly lays out what you need to know to get beyond the basics with Perl.

Joseph Hall has worked with me as a successful Perl instructor and a developer of quality course materials. With this book, he also proves himself to be a competent and fun-to-read author, and I'm honored to be working with him. I wish you many productive hours with Perl, hopefully enhanced by your reading of this book.

Randal  L.  Schwartz
Portland,  Oregon
Co-Author,     Programming Perl  and   Learning Perl

Effective Perl Programming. Writing Better Programs with Perl
Effective Perl Programming: Writing Better Programs with Perl
ISBN: 0201419750
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 1996
Pages: 116

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