Section 30. Add Stock Quotes

30. Add Stock Quotes


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30. Add Stock Quotes

Another feature you can add to your site is a Stock Quote applet. This is a great way to provide your viewer with information about your investments or the stocks you think are hot.

Insert the Yahoo! Stock Quotes Add-on

Click on the Add-ons icon. In the Categories list, select Instant Info and then Yahoo! Stock Quotes from the Add-ons in the right pane.

Set the Attributes for the Stock Ticker

In the Y! Stock Quotes Properties dialog box, add a title for your stock quotes and set the Stock Tickers to the stocks you want to show on your page. If you don't know any offhand, Apple is AAPL and Microsoft is MSFT .

Preview Your Page

When you click OK , a stock quote ticker is placed in your page. Click on the Preview button on the toolbar to see how the counter looks on the live page.

Try clicking on the ticker symbol for each stock you added. On the Yahoo! Finance pages, you can get complete information on each stock, including historical price charts , news, technical analysis, SEC filings, and just about all you need to keep track of your stocks.

Edit the Ticker

Go back to the Editing View in PageBuilder and find the ticker on your page. Double-click on the icon and, in the Y! Stock Quotes Properties , change some of the properties and click OK .

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