Section 183. Make Your First Post

183. Make Your First Post


181 Create an Account at

182 Build a Blog Through the Wizard


189 Edit Your Blog from the Dashboard

190 Add a Post

You are ready to start posting to your site, which you need to do to view your site. You can't really have a blog without having some content there.

Click on the Arrow to Start Posting

You are now in the Blogger Dashboard in the Posting section where you can create new postings. This is an HTML Editor .

Create Your First Post

Enter a title for your first posting and some text in the Edit area.

Give your first post a name and enter what you want to have on your site. This is where you are going to be able to edit and create new posts in your blog.

For your first post, add some text as a greeting and whatever content you want to start your blog.

183. Make Your First Post

Format Your Text

You can select portions of your text to highlight in one way or another using many of the same tools you might have available in many word processors.

You can add text decoration such as color , boldface, and alignment, or you can create links here and add pictures using the tools above the Text Edit area.

Set Your Blogging Options

You can set the blogging options for the post below the Text Edit area. Set the Allow New Comments on This Post radio button to Yes . This will enable users to add comments to the post. There will probably be some postings where you don't want to allow users to post their comments. You can set that here. You can also set the time and date for the posting if you would like.

Publish Your Post

After you are done with your post and your settings, click on the Publish Post button to publish your post.

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