Section 165. About eBay Power Tools

165. About eBay Power Tools


152 About Advanced Seller's Tools


150 Ship the Goods

To help you more easily use eBay, build the best auctions that make the most money possible, and let you receive payments and ship goods more easily, entire subindustries and software and services have sprung up around eBay.

Some of these services are centered on websites that sell you services, such as the site that lets you easily ship and track your goods. Some services are software you download and use on your computer, as you do any other kind of software. Typically, this type of software is shareware . In some instances, the shareware software won't work after the specified time elapses, and in other instances, the software continues to work but in a limited fashion or it constantly throws up nag screens reminding you to pay for the software.


Shareware Software you can try for free for a certain amount of time, such as 30 days, and that you're expected to pay for after that time period ends.


eBay includes many built-in tools to help sellers. For details, see 152 About Advanced Seller's Tools .

When using these outside tools and services, keep in mind that most are not associated with eBay. If an affiliation exists, eBay lets you know on its site or the service's site itself lets you know. If no affiliation exists between the site/service and eBay and you have trouble with the site or service, turn to the site itself, not to eBay.

Most of the outside services available for eBay help sellers, and that makes sense because the services can help you make more money from eBay than if you didn't use them. But keep in mind that the costs of all these services can quickly add up. As a seller, be careful that you're actually coming out ahead financially by using these services. It will do you no good if you spend more money on these services than you're getting in return.

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