Section 123. Print Images Using an Online Photo Service in Adobe Photoshop Elements

123. Print Images Using an Online Photo Service in Adobe Photoshop Elements


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122 Share Images Using an Online Service in Adobe Photoshop Elements

If you don't have a photo printer or a printer capable of printing on photo paper, you can still make wonderful, high-quality photo prints directly from the Organizer, right now . Using your Internet connection, you can link directly from the Organizer to an online service, upload your images, have the service print the images (perhaps with professional corrections), and ship you the resultsin some cases, by next -day air!

Before printing, however, you should prepare your images properly. Select each image in the Organizer, send it to the Editor, save the file in PSD format, and make any necessary improvements to the image's color , contrast, saturation, and sharpness. Resize the image as needed to ensure that its print size matches the size you want to use when printing, and that it has a high-enough resolution to produce a good quality print. Finally, save a copy of your image in a shareable format you can upload to an online service, such as TIFF or JPEG.


To complete this task, you need a working Internet connectiondial-up is fine, broad band is better. This task also assumes that you have chosen Ofoto as your preferred print service (see 121 Select an Online Photo Service in Adobe Photoshop Elements ). If you've chosen a different print service, the steps will be similar to those shown here, but not exactly the same.


You can print a creation already saved to the catalog using an online service by simply following the steps given here. You can also print a creation after creating or editing it by clicking the Order Online button on the Step 5: Share page of the Creation Wizard. Certain creation types (such as a slideshow) cannot be uploaded to an online service for printing.

Select Images to Print

After you've prepared each image for printing, in the Organizer, press Shift and click the first image in the group you want to upload for printing, and then click the last image in the contiguous group . Alternatively, click the first image, press Ctrl , and click each additional image you want to upload for printing.


Organizer uploads for printing all currently displayed images. If you want to display a group of related images, such as all the images from your last vacation, use the Find bar first. If the catalog is sorted by batch or folder, you can click the gray bar above a group to select all the items in that group. With either of these two methods , you might also end up selecting video, audio, and creation files, but they'll be automatically excluded from the print job.

123. Print Images Using an Online Photo Service in Adobe Photoshop Elements


See Ofoto for special offers, which often include free prints.

Click Print Photos Button

Click the Print Photos to a Local Printer or Online Service button on the Shortcuts bar, and click Order Prints from the menu that appears. You can also select File, Order Prints from the menu. The Adobe Photoshop Services dialog box appears.

Log On to Service

If this is your first time using the service, you'll be asked to set up an account. Enter the required information. Read the Terms of Service by clicking its link and enable the check box to indicate you agree with the terms. Enable the Remember My Password check box to have the Organizer enter this data for you the next time you print using this service.

If you're already an Ofoto member and requested that your password be remembered, skip to step 4. Otherwise, enter your email address and password now. If you want your password remembered and you forgot to indicate that initially, select the Remember My Password option when you log in. Click the Next button at the bottom of the dialog box.


Your Ofoto account is only accessible using the email address and password you supplyfrom the computer where you first registered it.

Select Print Sizes

The Order Prints process is organized like a wizard, with the current step number highlighted at the top of the dialog box; click Next to continue to the next part of the order process or click Back to return to a previous step.

Here, the first step is to enter the quantities for the various print sizes you want next to the image thumbnails that appear on the left. A running total based on your current selections appears in the Order Summary frame. Use the scroll bars to select print sizes for each image. At the bottom of the listing, enable the Zoom and Trim option to let Adobe Photoshop Services (Ofoto) trim your images as needed to fit the print sizes you select. Click Next to continue.


A green icon appears next to each print size that's appropriate for a particular image based on its image size and resolution. A red icon indicates that the image does not have a high-enough resolution to support that print size; selecting one of these print sizes will result in a less-than -quality print.


To order single or double prints for all images in either 4"x6" or 5"x7" size, enable the appropriate Single or Double check box at the top of the image list on the left.


Even if you plan on shipping these prints to multiple people, enter only the total you want each person to receive. Later, when you select recipients, this total will be increased accordingly .

Select Recipients

On the Step 2 Recipients screen, choose where you want your prints deliv-ered. A list of people you've previously sent photos to appears on the left. Enable the check box in front of the person to whom you want these prints delivered. If you select more than one person, your order is duplicated that many times so that each person receives the number of prints you choose in step 4.

To add a new address, click the Add New Address link, enter the address data, and click Next to return to this screen. If a person's name is grayed out, you must complete his information by clicking Edit next to his name, entering the rest of the address data, and clicking Next . To replace the address listing with the data already stored in your Organizer Contact Book, click the Import Addresses button.

Check Summary

On the Step 3 Summary screen, verify the Order Details . Select how you want the photos shipped from the Ship Via list. The cost of shipping your prints using this method is calculated and added to your total, displayed on the right. Verify this total and click Next to continue.

Enter Billing Information and Click Place Order

On the Step 4 Billing screen, enter your Credit Card Information . Enter a Billing Address , or enable the Same As Shipping Address check box to ship the prints to the same address listed in the Address Book. Click the Place Order button to upload the images and place your order with the online service.

After the images are uploaded, the Confirmation screen appears, displaying your order number and an order summary. Click the Print This Confirmation button to print a copy of this page. You'll also receive an email message confirming your order and providing a delivery date.

Now simply wait for your selected delivery service to deliver your prints!

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