Section 122. Share Images Using an Online Service in Adobe Photoshop Elements

122. Share Images Using an Online Service in Adobe Photoshop Elements


121 Select an Online Photo Service in Adobe Photoshop Elements


123 Print Images Using an Online Photo Service in Adobe Photoshop Elements

You can use email to quickly send messages and photos to friends and family members . But emailed pictures must be small enough to travel through the Internet mail system without being rejected by an email server. Small files, particularly if they're compressed for transmission, often leave much to be desired in terms of quality. An additional problem with email is that not everyone has an email connection at home, and many people rely on the service they have available at work. Receiving your pictures on office email systems does not always go over well with employers .

An alternative is to post your pictures on the World Wide Web by way of an online service such as Adobe Ofoto. There, you can display pictures in larger sizes and higher resolution. Your recipients can check out your images at times convenient to them; using a web browser to view images is much easier for most people than dealing with an email client.


This task also assumes you have chosen Ofoto as your preferred share service (see 121 Select an Online Photo Service in Adobe Photoshop Elements ). If you've chosen a different share service, the steps will be similar to those shown, but not exactly the same.

Select the Images

In the Organizer, before you choose the images you want to share, review each one and edit it to look its best. You might also want to give each a text caption to help identify and explain it when people visit your online gallery.

Display your images in the catalog. To select a single image, click it. To select multiple images, click the first one; then press and hold the Ctrl key as you click each additional thumbnail. To select a range of contiguous images, click the first image, press and hold the Shift key, and then click the last image of the group .

122. Share Images Using an Online Service in Adobe Photoshop Elements


If the images are grouped by date or folder, you can click the gray bar above a group to select the entire group.


Visit the Ofoto site for special offers, which often include free prints.

Click Share, Share Online

On the Shortcuts bar, click Share . From the menu that opens, select Share Online . The Adobe Photoshop Services dialog box appears.

Log On to Service

If this is your first time using the service, you'll be asked to set up an account. Enter the required information and select additional options (such as automatic notification of sales and other offers). Read the Terms of Service by clicking its link, and enable the check box to indicate you agree with the terms. Enable the Remember My Password check box to have the Organizer enter this data for you the next time you use this service.

If you're already an Ofoto member and you asked that your password be remembered , skip to step 4. Otherwise, enter your email address and password now. Click the Next button at the bottom of the dialog box.


Your Ofoto account is accessible using the email address and password you supplyonly from the computer where you first registered it.

If you want your password remembered and you forgot to indicate that initially, select the Remember My Password option when you log in.

Select Recipients

On the Step 1 Recipients screen, a list of people in your Contact Book appears on the left. Enable the check boxes in front of the persons with whom you want to share these photos. You can also order prints of the shared photos for each person you selectedjust click the Click Here to Also Send Prints check box to the right of their names . If you chose this option, a few extra pages in the wizard appear so that you can select the number of prints and their sizes. See 123 Print Images Using an Online Photo Service in Adobe Photoshop Elements .

To add a new address to the Contact Book , click the Add New Address link, enter the address data, and click Next to return to this screen. If a person's name is grayed out, you must complete her information by clicking Edit to the right of her name, entering the rest of the email and address data, and clicking Next to return.


If you simply have the email notification sent to you, you can use the addresses already in your email client's address book to forward the message onto your friends and relations.


If you want to see your own online photos, add your own email address to the address list and select your name as one of the recipients in step 4.

Enter a Subject and a Message

Type a Subject and a Message in the email notification form near the bottom of the dialog box. Click Next .

Complete the Transfer

To make each invitee join Ofoto and sign in to view the images, enable the Require Friends to Sign In to View Your Album option. Without this option, anyone who knows the link to your web page can view your photos. Click Next to upload the images.

After the images are uploaded, the Confirmation screen appears, displaying the list of names with whom you shared the photos, and a link to the website.

If you ordered prints, the Confirmation screen will include an order summary. Click the Print This Confirmation button to print a copy of this page.

Click Done . The wizard closes , and you return to the catalog. Recipients will receive email invitations to look at your images.

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