Chapter 10. Protecting Your System and Data


About Backing Up and Restoring Data

Use the Windows Backup Wizard

Use Advanced Backup Features

Restore Backed Up Data

Create a System Restore Point

Restore the System

Protecting your datameaning your documents, pictures, and other important filesis an important aspect of managing a computer whether that computer is attached to a network or not. Because sharing files on a workgroup network actually increases the possibility that a file will be inadvertently deleted, it makes sense to back up important data on your computer. Then if there is a problem or a loss of important data, you can restore the file or files.

And because the Windows system files as well as other files that actually make your system work correctly can become corrupt or be infected by a virus, it makes sense to take advantage of the Windows System Restore feature, which allows you to quickly restore your system if it begins to malfunction. In this chapter, we look at backing up and restoring data and using the System Restore feature.

Home Wireless Networking in a Snap
Home Wireless Networking in a Snap
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