Section 9. Use Windows Update

9. Use Windows Update


About Windows Update

If you have configured updates so that they happen automatically, you are all set. However, it's not a bad idea to visit the Windows Update website on occasion and allow your system to be scanned for updates. This can be useful in terms of non-critical updates such as new drivers for your various hardware items or updates of Windows software such as the Windows Media Player.

Use Windows Update

Open Windows Update Website

Select the Start menu, point at All Programs, and then select Windows Update. Your web browser window (typically Internet Explorer) opens and loads the Windows Update website. If you want to have only high-priority updates shown, click the Express button. If you want to view all updates (including low-priority updates related to drivers and software), select the Custom button.


If your system needs to have the Windows Update software updated, a window appears, requiring a scan of your computer. A new page appears, letting you know that updates are available for the Update software; click the Download and Install Now button. After the software is installed, click Close (to close the installation window) and then click Continue. Your system should then be scanned for Windows updates. After the updates are installed, you must often reboot your system.

Your system is scanned for available updates; those updates are listed for you (the updates listed depend on whether you selected Express or Custom in step 1).

View Available Updates

If you selected Custom in step 1, all the high-priority updates (if any are available) and lower-priority updates (software and hardware) are listed by type in the left pane of the browser window. To view updates in a particular category, select the category.

Select and Install Updates

The updates in a particular category are listed. To install an update or updates, select the update's check box. Then click Review and install updates. The updates you have selected are listed for installation. Click Install Updates.

An Installing Updates dialog box appears, showing the progress of the installation. When the updates have been completed, you have the option of restarting the system (which is required by most updates) or closing the installation dialog box and restarting the system at a later time. For the update to actually take effect, you will want to restart your system at some point.

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