Backing Up an Access Database

Another new feature that Access 2003 provides is the ability to back up and restore database files. This provides added protection for your valuable data. When you back up the database, it is actually saved in the default database file format (not a compressed or special) backup format. This makes it very easy for you to open a backup database at a later date because it really is just a copy of the original database file.

When you create a database backup, the database file created is timestamped. This allows you to easily differentiate the backups that you create for a database because they will all be date-specific.

To create a database backup, follow these steps:

  1. With the database that you want to back up open in the Access window, click File , then Back Up Database . The Save Backup As dialog box will open (see Figure 4.4).

    Figure 4.4. Back up an Access database file.


  2. Supply the location to save the backup in using the Save In drop-down list. The new filename for the backup will be the original filename including the current date (see Figure 4.4).

  3. Click Save to save the backup database file.

Backup databases can be opened as any database file can be opened. For more about saving and opening database files, see Lesson 2, "Creating a New Database," in Part VI of this book.

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