Adding Pages to a Publication

You might find that as you complete a particular publication, you need to add additional pages to it. This can be a common need when you build publications from scratch.

To add pages to the current publication, follow these steps:

  1. Select the Insert menu, and then select Page . The Insert Page dialog box appears (see Figure 5.4).

    Figure 5.4. You can insert new pages into a publication before or after the current page.


  2. Type the number of new pages you want to insert in the Number of New Pages box.

  3. Click either the Before Current Page or After Current Page button to select the appropriate option.

  4. In the Options area, select the appropriate option for your blank pages:

    Insert Blank Pages The pages are inserted into the publication with no frames .

    Create One Text Box on Each Page A text box is placed on each of the new pages.

    Duplicate All Objects on Page Copies the objects on the designated page (type the number in the page box) and places them on the new page or pages inserted.

After you make your selections, click OK ; the new page or pages are inserted into your document.

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Microsoft Office 2003 All-in-One
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