Saving a Revised Publication Under a New Name

Saving a Revised Publication Under a New Name

When you work with publications that you use again and again, such as award certificates or invitations, you might want to keep your original publication incomplete (with award recipient names not filled in or other items left blank until the publication is made ready for printing) under a particular filename. For instance, you might create an award certificate and leave the recipient name blank. Then, when you are ready to create an award for a particular person, you open the award publication and edit the text frame that contains the recipient name.

You might also want to save the completed publication (the one with the recipient name or other information) under a different filename. This can be done using the Save As command.

To save a publication under a different filename, follow these steps:

  1. Select the File menu, and then select Save As . The Save As dialog box appears.

  2. Type a new name for the publication in the File Name box.

  3. Use the Save In drop-down box to designate the drive to which you will save the file. Also, make sure to select a folder on that drive by double-clicking the folder.

  4. Click Save to save the file.

You have now saved any changes that you made to your original publication under a new filename. This means that the original file under the original filename still exists, and it can be used whenever you need it to create personalized publications that can then be saved under a different filename.

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