Setting Slide Show Options

Depending on the type of show you're presenting, you might find it useful to make some adjustments to the way the show runs, such as making it run in a window (the default is full screen) or showing only certain slides. You'll find these controls and more in the Set Up Show dialog box, which you can open by clicking the Slide Show menu and selecting Set Up Show (see Figure 12.8).

Figure 12.8. Use the Set Up Show dialog box to give PowerPoint some basic instructions about how to present your slide show.


In this dialog box, you can choose from several options, including the following:

  • Choose the medium for showing the presentation. Your choices are Presented by a Speaker (Full Screen), Browsed by an Individual (Window) , and Browsed at a Kiosk (Full Screen) .

  • Choose whether to loop the slide show continuously or to show it only once. You might want to loop it continuously so that it operates unaided at a kiosk at a trade show, for example.

  • Show all the slides or a range of them (enter the range into the From and To boxes).

  • Choose whether to advance slides manually or to use timings you set up.

  • Choose a pen color. Use the Pen Color drop-down box to select a color .

Using the Set Up Show dialog box to set the various options for the show allows you to put the finishing touches on the presentation before you actually present it to your audience. For example, it negates the need to select a pen color on the fly, allowing you to concentrate on the slide content rather than trying to change the pen color with the audience watching.

This dialog box also allows you to set the viewing parameters for the environment that the presentation will be shown in. For example, if you are running the slideshow on a PC that will be used by individuals at a tradeshow booth , it makes sense to format the presentation to be viewed by an individual in a window. That way the individual can leave the presentation for a moment and take a look at any sample software or other items you have on the PC that support the presentation.

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