Cropping a Picture

In addition to resizing a picture, you can crop it; that is, you can trim a side or a corner off the picture to remove an element from the picture or cut off some whitespace. This enables you to clean up the picture within the object box.

To crop a picture, perform the following steps:

  1. Click the picture you want to crop.

  2. To crop the picture, you need the Picture toolbar. Right-click any toolbar currently showing in the PowerPoint window and select Picture . The Picture toolbar appears.

  3. graphics/cropimage.gif Click the Crop button on the Picture toolbar. Cropping handles appear around the picture (see Figure 11.4).

    Figure 11.4. Use the cropping handles on the figure to crop portions of the picture.


  4. Move the mouse pointer over one of the cropping handles. The mouse pointer becomes the same shape as the cropping handle. (Use a corner handle to crop two sides at once. Use a side, top, or bottom handle to crop only one side.)

  5. Hold down the mouse button and drag the pointer until the crop lines are where you want them.

  6. Release the mouse button. PowerPoint crops the image.

  7. After cropping that image, move or resize the picture as needed.


Stop That Crop! To undo the cropping of a picture immediately after you crop it, select Edit and then choose Undo Crop Picture .

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