Inserting an Image from the Task Pane

As previously mentioned, the Clip Art task pane allows you to search for clip art files using keywords. If you wanted to search for clip art of cats, you would search for the word "cats." To insert a piece of the clip art using the task pane, follow these steps:

  1. Select the slide on which you want to place the image so that it appears in the Slide pane.

  2. Select Insert , point at Picture , and then select Clip Art . The Clip Art task pane appears.

  3. Type keywords into the Search Text box in the task pane that will be used to find your clip art images.

  4. Click the Search button. Images that match your search criteria appear in the task pane as thumbnails.

  5. In the Results list, locate the image that you want to place on the slide. Then click the image, and the clip art is placed on the slide (see Figure 9.2).

    Figure 9.2. Click the clip art thumbnail to place the image onto the current slide.


You can use the sizing handles on the image to size the clip art box. Or you can drag the clip art box to a new location on the slide.

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