Inserting an Image from an Image Box

Another way that you can add clip art images to a slide in your presentation is to create the slide using a slide format that supplies a clip art placeholder box on the slide. These slide layout types are called content layouts because they make it easy to insert objects such as clip art, charts , and other items onto a slide. You can then use the object placeholder on the slide to access the clip art library and insert a particular image onto the slide.

Follow these steps:

  1. Create a new slide or select the slide you want to assign a layout to that contains a clip art placeholder box.

  2. Open the task pane ( View, Task Pane ) and then click the task pane drop-down menu and select Slide Layout (the Slide Layout task pane automatically opens if you've just created a new slide).

  3. Scroll down through the layouts provided until you locate either the Content layout or the Text and Content layout. Both of these layout categories provide slide layouts that contain object placeholders or object placeholders and text boxes, respectively.

  4. Select the layout that best suits the purpose of your slide (see Figure 9.3).

    Figure 9.3. Select a slide layout that contains an object placeholder.


  5. The slide layout you choose provides you with a placeholder box that contains icons for tables, charts, clip art, and other objects. Click the Insert Clip Art icon in the placeholder box. The Select Picture dialog box appears (see Figure 9.4).

    Figure 9.4. The Select Picture dialog box enables you to scroll through or search through the entire clip art and image library on your computer.


  6. Scroll down through the list of clip art and other images to find a particular image (the list will be lengthy because it includes all the Office Clip Art and any other images that were located on your computer when the Clip Organizer cataloged the images on your computer).

  7. If you want, you can search for particular images by keyword. Type the search criteria into the Search Text box and then click Search . Images that match the search criteria appear in the Select Picture dialog box.

  8. Click the picture thumbnail that you want to place on the slide. Then click OK .

PowerPoint places the image on the slide in the object placeholder box. You can size the box or move it on the slide.

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