Hiding Slides

Before you give a presentation, you should try to anticipate any questions that your audience might have and be prepared to answer those questions. You might even want to create slides to support your answers to these questions and then keep the slides hidden until you need them. To hide one or more slides, perform the following steps:

  1. In the Slide Sorter view or the Slides pane of the Normal view, select the slides you want to hide.

  2. Select the Slide Show menu and then select Hide Slide . In the Slide Sorter view and in the Slides pane, the hidden slide's number appears in a box with a line through it (see Figure 6.2).

    Figure 6.2. Hidden slides are denoted by a line through the slide number (slides 2 and 3 in this figure).


  3. To unhide the slides, display or select the hidden slides, choose the Slide Show menu, and then select Hide Slide (the Hide Slide command toggles the slides from hidden to unhidden).

Remember that the slides are only hidden when you actually show the presentation. You can still edit or otherwise manipulate the slides in PowerPoint (in the other views, such as Normal view) even if you have marked them as "hidden."


Right-Click Shortcut To quickly hide a slide, you can right-click it and select Hide Slide from the shortcut menu that appears. To unhide the slide, right-click it again and select Hide Slide again.

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