Rearranging Slides in the Outline Pane

In the Outline pane of the Normal view, you see the presentation as an outline that numbers each slide and shows its title and slide text. This provides you with a pretty good picture of the content and overall organization of your presentation. To rearrange the slides in your presentation using the Outline pane, follow these steps:

  1. Switch to the Normal view by selecting View, Normal , or by clicking the Normal button on the bottom left of the PowerPoint window.

  2. Click the slide number you want to move. This highlights the contents of the entire slide.

  3. Place the mouse on the slide icon for that particular slide and drag the slide up or down within the presentation; then release the mouse.


Use the Up or Down Buttons You can also move a slide in the outline by selecting the slide and then using the Move Up or Move Down buttons on the Outlining toolbar.

Microsoft Office 2003 All-in-One
Microsoft Office 2003 All-in-One
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