Viewing Query Results

After you have selected the fields for the query and have set your field criteria, you are ready to run the query. As with tables created in the Design view and forms created in the Design view, you should save the query after you have finished designing it.

graphics/save.gif Just click the Save button on the Query Design toolbar. Supply a name for the query and then click Yes.

graphics/runbutton.gif Now, you are ready to run the query. Click the Run button on the Query Design toolbar, or choose Query, Run. The query results appear in a datasheet that looks like an Access table (see Figure 16.6).

Figure 16.6. The results of the query appear as a table datasheet.


graphics/datasheetview.gif After you have reviewed the results of your query, you can quickly return to the Query Design view to edit the query fields or criteria. Just click the Design View button on the toolbar.

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