Searching For Help Online

If you don't find the help you need using the different ways we discussed in this lesson to access the Help window, you can connect to the Microsoft Office Web site. The site provides a search engine and other information on the different Microsoft Office applications. To connect to the Office Web site, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Help task pane (select Help and then your application's help command, or press F1 ).

  2. In the Help task pane, click the Connect to Office on link.

  3. The Microsoft Office Web site will open in your Web browser window. Use the links to the various articles and the Search engine provided to find the help that you need.


Take Advantage of ScreenTips Another Help feature provided by the Office applications is the ScreenTip. All the buttons on the different toolbars provided by your Office applications have a ScreenTip. Other buttons or tools in an Office application window can also provide ScreenTips. Place the mouse on a particular button or icon, and the name of the item (which often helps you determine its function) appears in a ScreenTip.

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