Checking Your Spelling

Because worksheets also include text entries, you might want to make sure that you check for any misspellings in a worksheet before printing the data. Excel offers a spell-checking feature that finds and corrects misspellings in a worksheet.

To run the Spelling Checker, follow these steps:

  1. graphics/spelling.gif Click the Spelling button on the Standard toolbar (or select Tools , Spelling ). The Spelling dialog box appears. Excel finds the first misspelled word and displays it at the top of the Spelling dialog box. A suggested correction appears in the Suggestions box (see Figure 8.3).

    Figure 8.3. Correct spelling mistakes with the options in the Spelling dialog box.


  2. To accept the suggestion in the Suggestions box, click Change , or click Change All to change all occurrences of the misspelled word.

  3. If the suggestion in the Suggestions box is not correct, you can do any of the following:

    • Select a different suggestion from the Suggestions box, and then click Change or Change All .

    • Type your own correction into the Change To box, and then click Change or Change All .

    • Click Ignore Once to leave the word unchanged.

    • Click Ignore All to leave all occurrences of the word unchanged.

    • Click Add to Dictionary to add the word to the dictionary so that Excel won't flag it as misspelled again.

    • Click AutoCorrect to add a correctly spelled word to the AutoCorrect list so that Excel can correct it automatically as you type.

    • If you make a mistake related to a particular entry, click the Undo Last button to undo the last change that you made.

  4. You might see a message asking whether you want to continue checking spelling at the beginning of the sheet. If so, click Yes to continue. When the Spelling Checker can't find any more misspelled words, it displays a prompt telling you that the spelling check is complete. Click OK to confirm that the spelling check is finished.


Setting Spelling Options If you want to set options related to the Spelling feature, such as ignoring words in uppercase and words with numbers , click the Options button in the Spelling dialog box. This takes you to the Options dialog box for the Spelling Checker. Set options as needed and then click OK to return to the Spelling dialog box.

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