Setting Note Options

You can change the default color and size of your notes. You also can change the default font used for your notes. To set note options, follow these steps:

  1. In the Notes folder (or in any of the Outlook folders), choose Tools, Options . The Options dialog box appears. On the Preferences tab, click Notes Options ; the Notes Options dialog box appears (see Figure 16.2).

    Figure 16.2. You can customize your notes.


  2. The Notes Options dialog box enables you to change the color, size, and font for your notes. Using the Color drop-down box, you can change the color to yellow, blue, green, pink, or white. The default is yellow.

  3. Open the Size drop-down list and choose Small, Medium , or Large for the size of the notes. The default is Medium.

  4. To change the font, click the Font button. The Font dialog box appears. Change the font, font style, size, color, and other options, and then click OK .

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