Managing Individual Notes

To open an existing note, double-click it in the Notes folder. You can edit the text in an open note the same as you would edit any text. To move a note, drag its title bar. You can delete, forward, or print notes; you can change the color of individual notes; and you can specify categories for your notes. You can also drag the notes to the Windows desktop and arrange them there.

Click an open note's Control Menu button (click the very upper left of the note) to display a menu with the following commands:

  • New Note Creates a new note but leaves the first note open.

  • Save As Enables you to save the note and its contents.

  • Delete Deletes a note and its contents. (You also can delete a note by selecting it in the Notes list and pressing the Delete key.)

  • Forward Enables you to send the note as an attachment in an e-mail message.

  • Cut, Copy, Paste Enables you to select text from the note and cut or copy it to the Clipboard. The Paste command enables you to paste items on the Clipboard at the insertion point in the note.

  • Color Choose another color for the individual note.

  • Categories Enter or choose a category.

  • Print Print the contents of the note.

  • Close Closes the note. (You can also click the Close ( X ) button in the note's title bar.)

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