Managing Tasks

Managing Tasks

When working with a task list, you can add and delete tasks, mark tasks as completed, and arrange the tasks within the list. You also can perform any of these procedures in most of the task views described in the previous sections. For information about printing a task list, see Lesson 17, "Printing in Outlook."

  • To edit a task, double-click the task in the list. The Task dialog box appears.

  • To mark a task as completed, click the check box in the second column from the left, or right-click the task and choose Mark Complete from the shortcut menu. Outlook places a line through the task.

  • To delete a task, right-click the task and choose Delete from the shortcut menu.

  • To assign an existing task to someone else, right-click the task and choose Assign Task from the shortcut menu. Fill in the name of the person to whom you want to assign the task (or use the To button to bring up the Select Task Recipient dialog box); after assigning the task, click the Send button to send the task to the recipient or recipients.

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