Viewing Tasks

Viewing Tasks

As in any Outlook folder, you can change how you view tasks in the list. When you have Tasks selected in the Navigation pane, a Current View pane is provided that gives you easy access to the different views for your tasks. You can also select the different views using the Current View drop-down list in the Standard toolbar. By default, the Tasks folder displays tasks in a Simple List view. Following is a description of the views you can use to display the Tasks folder:

  • Simple List Lists the tasks, completed check box, subject, and due date.

  • Detailed List Displays the tasks, priority, subject, status, percent complete, and categories.

  • Active Tasks Displays the same information as the detailed list but doesn't show any completed tasks.

  • Next Seven Days Displays only those tasks you've scheduled for the next seven days, including completed tasks.

  • Overdue Tasks Shows a list of tasks that are past due.

  • By Category Displays tasks by category; click the button representing the category you want to view.

  • Assignment Lists tasks assigned to you by others.

  • By Person Responsible Lists tasks grouped by the person who assigned the tasks.

  • Completed Tasks Lists only those tasks completed, along with their due dates and completion dates.

  • Task Timeline Uses the Timeline view to display tasks by day, week, or month. Figure 14.5 shows the tasks assigned within one week.

    Figure 14.5. You can view your tasks in different views, such as the Task Timeline view.



Save What Settings? Depending on the changes you make to a view, Outlook might display the Save View Settings dialog box asking whether you want to save the view settings before you switch to a different view. Generally, you'll want to discard the current view settings and leave everything the way you found it.

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