Fine-tuning the Desktop Theme

After you have completed a desktop theme, you can return to the Display Properties dialog box and make any changes you want to enhance the look of the theme. You can also modify your mouse pointers and sound scheme.

When you return to the Theme tab, your theme name will have changed; it now has (Modified) as part of its name. To save the changes you made to your theme, click the Save As button and save your theme using your original filename. This overwrites the previous theme file you created, but it allows you to incorporate the changes you made to your original theme file.

If you remember, I was working on a theme using my cats. I used a custom background, icons, and mouse pointers and put together a sound scheme that includes mouse meows and hisses. Figure 4.16 shows the Windows desktop with cat icons and mouse pointer.

Figure 4.16. My custom cat theme.

Now that I look at the cat theme, I should have made the mouse pointer a mouse! But that's no problem, as I already mentioned you can fine-tune a theme any time and then save the modifications.

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