Chapter 14. But It Doesn t Look Like Windows XP

Chapter 14. But It Doesn't Look Like Windows XP

In this chapter

  • A look back at skinning Windows

  • Enhancing the Windows GUI

  • Using Stardock ObjectBar

  • Using desktop extenders such as DesktopX

  • Skinning Windows Media Player

  • A final word regarding skinning

In our previous discussions of skinning Windows, we have talked about skinning from a more aesthetic or artistic approach and haven't really examined the practical application of skins to the Windows environment. Although personalizing and modifying the Windows GUI is really a creative experience, there are ways to modify the Windows interface so it is a more practical and user-friendly environment.

In this chapter we discuss the degree to which skinning can be taken in the Windows environment. We also cover some advanced skins that make Windows look like something other than Windows.

We also look at software utilities, which are referred to as desktop extenders. They allow you to change the Windows environment but also provide the ability to build custom Windows utilities and tools of your own.

Let's begin our discussion with a quick look back at the various aspects of skinning; then we can take a look at some advanced skins. We will also discuss issues related to skinning specific Windows applications. And our discussion will conclude with desktop extenders and how you can use them to further customize the Windows environment.

    Skinning Windows XP
    Skinning Windows XP
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