70. Print a Web Page

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You can print web pages from the Firefox window. The Print dialog provides you the ability to select a printer, to select how to print the web page (such as print range and frames), and to specify the number of copies to be printed.

Before You Begin

36 Add and Configure a Printer

37 Print to a Printer

67 About Mozilla Firefox

68 Browse Web Pages

Open Print Dialog

In the Firefox window, select File, Print from the menu. The Print dialog box opens.


To view a preview of the web page printout, select File, Print Preview.

Select Printer

Select the Printer drop-down list to select the printer that you want to use for the print job.

Select Print Range

Use the Pages option button to specify a print range for the printout.


If you want to print just a selection on the web page, select the text before opening the Print dialog box and then select the Selection option button in the dialog box.

Select Frames to Print

In the Print Frames area of the Print dialog box select the appropriate option such as The Selected Frame or Each Frame Separately.


After you have selected the appropriate options in the Print dialog box, select Print to send the print job to the printer. The Printing dialog box opens briefly as the job is sent to the printer's queue.

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