Chapter 6. Managing Files

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44 About the Linux File Structure and Nautilus File Manager

45 Configure Nautilus Preferences

46 Use Nautilus to Manage Folders

47 Browse and Open Files

48 Find Files

49 Delete Files

50 Copy and Move Files

51 Access Recent Files

52 Access and Save Files to a USB Memory Stick

53 Burn Files on a CD or DVD

54 About Archiving Files

55 Archive Files with File Roller

56 About Backing Up and Restoring Files

57 Back Up Files

58 Restore Files

It is important to be able to manage the files that you create using the various productivity tools provided by NLD. You need to be able to create folders (directories) to store your files and be able to locate, copy, move, and delete files when necessary.

In this chapter we take a look at managing files using Nautilus, NLD's GUI file manager. We look at how you access or save files to portable media such as a USB stick (drive) and burn files on CDs or DVDs. We also look at how to archive files and back up and restore files.

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