38. Manage Print Jobs

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You can manage the print jobs currently waiting in the print queue. You can pause the printer (pausing all jobs) or pause specific print jobs. You can also cancel a selected job if necessary.

Before You Begin

32 About Configuring Hardware and System Settings in NLD

35 About Printing and NLD

37 Print to a Printer

Open Printers Window

You access a printer's queue from the Printers window, which displays all your installed Printers. In the Settings dialog box (select System, Personal Settings), double-click the Printers icon.

Open Printer Queue Dialog

To open the queue dialog for a specific printer, double-click the printer icon in the Printers window.

Pause Printing

Select the print job you want to pause and then select Edit, Pause Jobs. To resume a paused job, select the job and then Select Edit, Resume Jobs.


To pause all the print jobs listed, select Printer, Pause Printer. This is a lifesaver in cases where you have run out of paper or have a printer jam.

Cancel Print Job

To cancel a print job, select the print job in the list and then select Edit, Cancel Jobs. This removes the print job from the list. When you have finished working with a printer's queue dialog, click the Close button in the upper right of the window.


You can also pause and cancel print jobs by right-clicking on a print job in the queue and selecting Pause or Cancel from the shortcut menu.

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