160. Import Contacts

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You can import contacts from existing address books or email software (installed on your NLD system), or you can import files from other contact management software. You must export and save the data using the other contact management software before you can attempt to import it into Evolution (meaning the data must exist as a file). Because Evolution serves as the default email and address book manager for NLD (meaning, you probably have not been running other address book or email software on your NLD installation), most situations will involve an import of data from another groupware product.

Open the Evolution Import Assistant

In the Evolution window select File, Import. To begin the import process, select Forward on the initial Import Assistant screen.

Select Importer Type

On the next screen select the type of import that you want to perform: Import Data and Settings from Older Program or Import a Single File.

If you select Import Data and Settings from Older Program, select Forward, and Evolution scans your system for address book, email, and calendar files created in other Linux software applications. When the files are ready to import, you can select the Import button (and skip steps 4 and 5).

If you select Import a Single File, select Forward to continue the process.

Select File

On the next screen enter the file that you want to import. You can use the Browse button to locate the file. After specifying the file, select Forward to continue.

Select Import Location

On the next screen specify the location for the import. Because you are importing "personal" information, you will, in almost all cases, select Personal (On This Computer). Select Forward to continue.

Import File

Select the Import button. The information (contacts, email messages, appointments depending on the contents of the import file) is added to the appropriate folder in Evolution.


If you have been using Microsoft Outlook as your groupware software, you need to download an open source tool called Outport to help you save your contact, email, or calendar information for import into Evolution. The Outport open source software is available for download to a Microsoft Windows system using the URL http://www/outport.sourceforge.net. The website provides all the information that you need to download Outport and then prepare your Outlook information for import into Evolution.


You can also quickly start a new contact based on a mail or calendar entry. This isn't really an import, but it does allow you to start a new contact based on information that you have received. Just right-click on an email address or email message in the Inbox or other mail folder and then select Add Sender to Contacts on the shortcut menu. This creates a new address card that can then be edited as needed.

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