159. Use Categories to Group Contacts

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You can assign a category or categories to the contacts in the Address Book. Assigning a category, such as Key Customer, to specific contacts allows you to group those contacts. You can then use this "grouping" as a way to quickly search for all "key customers."

Open Edit Categories Dialog

In the Contact Editor window for a new or existing contact (double-click an existing contact to open the Contact Editor), select the Categories button.


An address card can be assigned multiple categories.

Assign Categories to Contact

In the Edit Categories dialog box, select the check box for a category or categories. After you have finished selecting the categories for the contact, click OK. This returns you to the Contact Editor. After you have finished editing the information for the contact, click OK.


A number of existing categories are provided by Evolution by default. You can also create your own categories. In the Edit Categories dialog box select the Edit Master Category List button. The Edit Global Category List dialog opens. Select the Click Here to Add Category box and then add a new category. Repeat as needed to build a list of custom categories.

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