115. Enter Dates

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Although dates appear as dates (August 11, 2005, for example) in your Calc sheets, these dates actually have numerical significance. For example, you might need to calculate the number of days between two different dates. You can actually subtract the earlier date from the later date and be provided the number of days that they differ.

The date is actually seen by Calc as a numerical value; so when you enter 11/22/2005, you see it as a date, but Calc sees it as a number the number of days that have elapsed since January 1, 1900. So, Calc sees 11/22/2005 as 38,678.

Enter Date

In Calc, click on a cell that will hold a date. Type the date; you can enter the date as November 22, 2005 or as 11/22/2005. Press Enter.

Open Format Cells Dialog

You can change the format (appearance of the date). Select a cell or cells containing dates and then select Format, Cells. The Format Cells dialog box opens.

Format Date

The Numbers tab of the dialog box will be selected. Select a format for the date in the Format list. After you have completed your selection, click OK.

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