Working with Users and Groups

Managing a NetWare network also requires that you manage your users. User accounts must be created for users and they must be given the appropriate access rights to objects on the network such as directories and printers. A way to manage users who need the same rights and access to the same objects is to use groups, which are really a security container related to the group 's interaction with the other objects on the network.

User accounts can be created using the Remote Manager. Let's walk through the creation of a user account:

  1. Scroll down in the Remote Manager window and select the Access Tree Walker link. Two objects will appear in the browser window: your tree's context and name and a security object for the tree.

  2. Since we are creating a user account, click the tree context and name object. This provides a list of objects in the tree object (see Figure 8.19).

    Figure 8.19. Objects in the tree are listed.


  3. To create a new user, click the Create User icon at the top of the objects list. The Create User screen appears (see Figure 8.20).

    Figure 8.20. Provide the information for the new user.


  4. Type a name for the user (also provide the surname ) and a password. You must also confirm the password.

  5. After providing the information for the new account, click Create.

The new user account will be added to the object list. You can add additional user accounts as needed.

Groups can also be created from the Tree Walker. At the top of the NDS tree, click the Create Group Object icon. All you have to do is provide the group name and then click the Create Group Object button. The group will be created and added to the object list.

Once the group has been created, you can add users to the group. Find the group in the object list (in the Tree Walker) and click its information icon. The attributes of the group object will appear. At the bottom of the window, click the Add Group Member icon. The Add Group Member window will appear (see Figure 8.21).

Figure 8.21. Provide the name of the user to be added to the group.


Provide the name of the user that you want to add to the group, or browse the eDirectory to find the user. Once you have provided the user's name, click the Add Group Member button. The Group window will reappear showing the group's attributes, including the new member.

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