Configuring Network Clients

Configuring Network Clients

Another aspect of getting your users onto the NetWare network is configuring their client computers for network access. The easiest way to configure NetWare clients is to use the NetWare client software that ships with your server CDs. You can also download updated NetWare clients for the various flavors of Windows from

Install the NetWare client software on the client computer. It is installed as is any software that is added to your computer's configuration. You will typically have to reboot the system.

When the system reboots, the Novell Clients for Windows logon window will appear as shown in Figure 8.22. On this screen the user must provide a valid user name , the appropriate password, and the tree, context, and server.

Figure 8.22. The NetWare Client window.


Once the user has logged on to the NetWare network, they can browse the network using Network Neighborhood or My Network Places. Different shared directories on the network can also be mapped to logical drives on the client computer. As with any NOS, most of the workings of the network such as file and printer access will be mostly transparent to the user.

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