NetWare DNS and DHCP

NetWare provides a number of special services such as Web server, FTP server, and application server. NetWare also provides support for both the DNS and DHCP services. This means that your NetWare server can act as a DNS name server. The NetWare server can also serve as a DHCP server providing IP addresses to network clients .

DNS and DHCP are installed as part of the server configuration when you initially setup the NetWare server. Both DNS and DHCP are installation options.

Although we will discuss how DNS and DHCP work in much more detail in Chapter 12, "TCP/IP Network Administration." I did want to mention NetWare's support for DNS and DHCP and the fact that these two services can both be administered using the Novell iManager. Figure 8.23 shows the iManager window with the DHCP Management and DNS Management nodes expanded. The iManager actually makes it very easy to add a DHCP scope (a range of IP addresses) or manage resource records on the DNS server.

Figure 8.23. The iManager provides easy access to DHCP and DNS settings.


We will discuss both DHCP and DNS in general terms in Chapter 12 and in terms more specific to network operating systems such as NetWare.

The Absolute Minimum

In this chapter we took a look at some of the basics related to installing Novell NetWare 6.5 on a network server. We looked at managing volumes and shares on the network and providing network printing. We also looked at creating users and groups.

  • Novell NetWare provides a highly scalable environment for computer networking. The NetWare installation takes the form of two phases: a DOS phase and a GUI phase.

  • NetWare management is accomplished using Web-based tools such as the Remote Manager and the iManager.

  • Volumes and Directories can be managed using the Remote Manager. User accounts and groups can be created using the Tree Walker, which is also accessed via the Remote Manager.

  • Printing is managed using the iManager. Before printers can be added to the network a print broker and a Print Service Manager must be created.

  • Services such as DNS and DHCP can also be configured on NetWare servers. These services are configured using the iManager.

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