Chapter 9. Networking with Microsoft Windows Server 2003

In this chapter

  • Understanding the Microsoft Networking Model

  • Installing Windows Server 2003

  • Understanding the Active Directory

  • Adding users to a Windows domain

  • Configuring a file server

  • Configuring a printer server

  • Understanding Group Policy

In Chapter 7, "Network Operating System Overview," we took a look at some of the basics related to network operating systems. In Chapter 8, "Networking with Novell NetWare 6.5," we discussed Novell NetWare 6 and the Novell approach to networking and logical LAN structure (the Novell Directory Service). In this chapter we cover Microsoft's latest (as of the writing of the fourth edition of this book) network operating system, Microsoft Windows Server 2003. We look at the installation requirements for Windows Server 2003.

Like Novell Netware, Microsoft Server 2003 offers you the ability to set up file servers and print servers. Specialty servers providing services such as DNS, DHCP, remote access, and Web services can also be configured (as they can in the NetWare environment).

Microsoft dramatically changed the way network administrators plan and configure the logical hierarchy for a network deploying servers running Microsoft network operating systems with the release of Microsoft Windows 2000 Server. The Active Directory provided a tree structure not available in the domain-centric networks provided by earlier versions of the Windows server operating system.

Before discussing the installation of Microsoft Windows Server 2003, we will look at Microsoft's logical network structure. We can then take a look at the hardware requirements for installing Windows Server 2003 and then look at some of the basic server functions, such as user management, sharing files, and supplying print services to clients on the network.

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