Chapter 15. Connecting a Network to the Internet

In this chapter

  • Selecting an Internet service provider

  • Working with an Internet access provider

  • Understanding the Internet backbone infrastructure

  • Connecting a network to the Internet

  • Understanding cable modems

  • Working with proxy servers

  • Using network address translation

In the previous chapter, we took a look at how the Internet has evolved over the last 30 years from a government- funded project in packet-switching technologies to the very public global network that we are familiar with today. We also discussed some of the different protocols that have come and gone (and stayed) as programmers developed different avenues and interfaces for accessing the Internet.

In this chapter, we discuss issues related to getting your company online. We will take a look at sorting out the different possibilities for connecting to the Internet and how you would go about creating a presence for your company on the Internet. Let's begin our discussion with issues related to connecting your LAN to the Internet.

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