Conventions Used in This Book

Certain conventions have been followed in this book to help you digest all the material. For example, new terms appear in italics . These terms can also be found in the Glossary, which supplies a short definition for each term .

At the beginning of each chapter, you'll find a quick-view list of the major topics that will be expounded upon as you read through the material that follows . The end of each chapter provides a list of summary points, reiterating some of the important information covered in the chapter.

You will also find several icons used throughout this book. These icons are accompanied by additional information on a subject, supply asides that provide useful insight, or give warnings that can help you steer clear of problem areas related to a certain subject or technology. These icons are as follows:



These sidebars include additional information related to the current topic, but they do not have to be read in order for you to have complete understanding of the information provided in the regular text.



These sidebars contain higher-level information and additional insight into a topic that expands on the material provided in the chapter.



These boxes attempt to reach out and grab your hand before you press that red destruct button. Cautions point out major problems or issues related to technologies or network practices.

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