Network administrators and other computer technology professionals are well aware of the continued rapid evolution of computer and networking technology. The last 20 years have certainly seen a whirlwind of changes, both for network administrators and network users. Network technology provides faster and faster networking media, and computer hardware prices are such that even the smallest of companies see the cost-effective aspects of deploying sophisticated network implementations .

It has also become imperative for even the smallest company to have a connection to the Internet. This includes a corporate presence on the World Wide Web.

So, a big issue for companies both big and small is getting network resources and Internet information to the desktop of each and every employee. This means having an understanding of how networks work, and knowing what kind of technologies are available for moving data between two computers in the same room or two computers separated by a thousand miles.

Since this book is considered a resource for " beginners ," I have attempted to put together a body of information that would be useful for someone new to networking, but also provide enough depth to be an excellent starting point for someone who plans on learning more and maybe eventually working in the computer networking field. You are now holding the result.

The Absolute Beginner's Guide to Networking, Fourth Edition will help you bridge the information gap related to information technology and computer networking. Although this book covers a wide breadth of information, it also provides you with enough detail that you won't be lost as you further explore the subjects covered.

Although this book takes its subject matter very seriously, the material itself is approached in a straightforward, conversational manner that should help you digest the information without dozing off or developing a horrible migraine headache . Technology can be very intimidating, but this book will show you that the right information can go a long way as you explore networking technology, network operating systems, and the hardware devices that make networking possible.

Absolute Beginner's Guide to Networking
Absolute Beginners Guide to Networking (4th Edition)
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