14.2 Listening to Music


14.1 Finding the Menu Bar

When you run Windows Media Player for the first timeby choosing All Programs Accessories Entertainment Windows Media Playeryou might not see the program's menu bar. More confusing still, the bar may suddenly appear, and just as abruptly disappear, for no apparent reason. What gives?

You can actually set the menu bar in one of two modes: permanently fixed in place or ready to appear only when your mouse is at the top of the program. If you want Windows Media Player to display the menu bar all the time, click the small double-headed arrow in the upper-left portion of the player, shown in Figure 14-1 (top). As if by magic, the menu bar appears (Figure 14-1, bottom). To make the menu bar appear only when your mouse is at the top of the program, click againthe menu disappears and will come out only when your mouse is up top.

Figure 14-1. Top: Press this button to display the menu bar all the time. Bottom: The handy menu bar.

Tip: Windows Media Player phones home each time you launch the program by going straight to the Windows Media Guide page at http://www.windowsmedia.com (which features Microsoft-recommended content and ads). If you'd like to make this stop go to Tools Options Player and turn off Start Player in Media Guide.

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